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Raymond Ringhoff

Founder and CEO 

Raymond Ringhoff is the CEO and founder of Vietnam Wine Tours.

Over the past 50 years, he has experienced many great adventures in his life; they range from travelling to different countries experiencing the wonderful things they all have to offer, to learning and adapting to new foreign cultures and taking a particular interest in their native food and wine. His personality is one that makes people feel good and comfortable and willing to get involved on a tour.

He was born in America, but has since moved to Australia and has worked in the wine industry in both places. In addition, he had the opportunity to visit wineries in other wine regions in the world, where he was lucky enough to see the sights and learn about the people and their culture. When he moved to Australia, he backpacked for 6 months and stayed at youth hostels to experience Australia culture. From his backpacking travel experience, he has written a travel book which is available in Amazon.

His background in wine, food and travel goes back many years. Over the years he has worked in the tasting rooms in a winery in California in the Temecula area and also in a winery in the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia. He has spent time working on a vineyard in Victoria NSW, Australia doing all sorts of vineyard management. Having the opportunity to do a wine harvest season in the Hunter Valley NSW for a winery gave him another wine perspective. He has completed wine courses with WSET, and at San Diego State University in California he obtained a certificate in “The Business of wine”.

For the past couple of years, he has been a wine consultant setting up wine and food pairing sessions for both private and corporate functions. These functions were organised to primarily sell the wines but also show the health benefits of wine and how the combination of wine and food compliments each other. Also, engaged in general wine knowledge at these  functions.

This brings out the experiences that all tour participants will get when they take any Vietnam Wine Tour.

The first experience as a wine tour operator was organizing his first Wine Tour Company called :Escondido Wine Tours”, which was the format for his now company called “Vietnam Wine Tours”

his Travel and Tourism experience involved working for a Travel Agency in the capacity of inside office work but mainly being an outside Corporate and leisure Sales Representative.

His real passion in life is wine and tourism. Over the years that he has worked he has gained much knowledge and experience in both. He has worked in different positions of the wine industry ranging from working in a winery, to being a wine consultant, to wine tours as a guide. In addition, he has voluntarily experienced the whole process of making wine, the tasting, working at the vineyard picking the grapes, even the bottling and shipping department. Also, he has studied various wine courses in America and Australia to enhance his knowledge and is a part of 3 major Tourism Organisations, International Association of Tour Manager (IATM), Institute of Australian Tour Guides (IATG) and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

A highlight of his career was in July 2014, when he was a guest speaker at Vietnam’s wine conference that was held at the first International Wine Festival in Phan Rang at the Long Thuan Resort & Spa.

His interest in the Vietnam wine Industry and Tourism Industry started when he was doing his own wine research and learned of the First Wine Festival to be held in Vietnam. He was invited to do a wine speech at the wine conference that was part of the festival and was the only Westerner there. His experience in both wine and tourism were well accepted by the audience. He was also interviewed by the Vietnam News and the reporter did an article about his speech which had a copy made. It can be viewed in the page titled “Media“.



Quynh Anh

May I introduce myself as Quynh Anh (or you can call me Anna) – Agent Sales Executive in Luxury Travel Vietnam Office. It’s our pleasure to become Vietnam wine Tours’ closed partner & local DMC who is the specialist in privately guided and fully bespoke holidays in the Southeast Asia. We are committed to operating with the highest standards of service and professionalism, while continuing to improve on the qualities that make us not just good, but great.

Travel consultants follow a specially devised training program to develop their expertise in all aspects of travel, as well as to perfect their customer care skills. We personally check the hotels, resorts and restaurants, and we listen to the client’s requirements in order to deliver the right itineraries and experiences.

We are proud to report that we have a 99% satisfaction rate with much of our business coming from referrals and business network recommendations. Our industry and consumer awards are testimony to our excellent reputation and that is why more than 60% of our clients are repeat visitors.

Luxury Travel Ltd. is a company filled with friendship, pride and peak professional performance. We value democrat, freedom, happiness, all luxers know, discuss, track and take responsibility. All “luxers” are devoted to Luxury Travel Ltd. and great things happen when we join together side by side to achieve our goals!

Thank you for your interest and best regards,
Ms. Quynh Anh (Anna)