Before Touring


There are some important things you need to know before you tour.  Please make sure you have each of these so you’re ready to go!

A valid VISA to enter Vietnam

Vietnam Wine Tours has partnered up with Visa to streamline your Visa process.

Visa is offering travellers the most convenient way to get their visas to Vietnam that is visa on arrival. Visa on arrival or pre-arranged visa has been online for almost 6 years, and it increasingly becomes the most convenient way to get a visa to Vietnam as everything has been made simple from procedure to payment methods.

You now can get your visa to Vietnam in couple of minutes with your internet connected computers or WiFi built-in mobile phones.

Airfares in and out of Vietnam

You must ensure that you have enough funds for Airfare to and from Vietnam. All internal flights that you might wish or have to take will be from your funds unless specified. We wish you  a safe journey and have fun throughout the trip.

Travel Insurance

Please make sure that you have  travel insurance before you travel overseas, including but not limited to Vietnam. We have teamed up with to provide you a peace of mind.

Make sure you have peace of mind when overseas, check out for your travel insurance needs.

 Extra accommodation (either side of the tour)

Whether you are spending a bit more time in Vietnam or stopping elsewhere on the way home, we have partnered with to provide great accommodation at amazing prices – check them out!