Wine Regions



Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with an incredible wine culture that quickly becomes additive and is located in South-East Asia.

Wineries in Vietnam are waiting to be discovered by the wine enthusiast. That is the same with the Vietnam wine bars that are emerging.

The wine regions of Vietnam is the Ninh Thuan province along with wineries in Dalat and vineyards not far from Dalat. Enjoy wines from Vietnam leading wineries like Dalatbeco, Vinh Tien, Viet Nghi, Tri Hiep, My Hoa, Ba Moi, Vang Dalat and Thien Thao.

Enjoy a wine tour of the wineries facilities and have a chat with the wine maker or winery manager or winery owner.
Go to a wine tasting in the wineries relaxing tasting room and learn about the wines being produced there. Experience the RD Wine castle at Mui Ne for wine tasting and wine tours and the architecture wonder. On Phu Quoc Island you will experience a sim winery (sim fruits wine) which is a wine but not a grape. The Cardinal and Chambourcin grapes are other domestically harvested grape varieties in Vietnam besides the vineyards referred to above.


Established by the French people during the colony War time. The winery is on a hill of Flower City – Dalat – Vietnam.
Officially separated as an individual company in 2000
+ Production capacity: 2.5 million – 3 million litres / year.


Office: 37 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 10, DaLat city, lam Dong Province
Winery: 09 Da Chien, ward 11, Dalat city, lam Dong Province


Over the past few decades, the improvement and development in grapevine’s formula has brought the increasingly tasty flavour suitable for people from various parts of the world.  My Hoa grape wine extracts such wine from the juicy grape grown in Phan Rang – and arid land in Vietnam.  My Hoa was found in 2001, specializing in red and green grape wine from fermented grapes. My Hoa winery has a factory, a store and showroom.

In 2007, Ms My Hoa established the winery with the brand name of “My Hoa Wine”. My Hoa’s family has been producing grape treacle in the tradition method for 30 years. In 2010, the products of My Hoa wine were named as Vietnam’s highest quality goods. In 2012, My Hoa wines were voted the medal of Vietnamese brand for the health of Vietnamese consumers.

Address: QL1A, Binh Quy, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam.


Ba moi winery

Mr.Nguyen Van Moi, the owner of Ba Moi winery, is a very popular farmer in Ninh Thuan. He has successfully collected many kinds of grapes to grow and develop in Ninh Thuan province. Applying the advances of science and technology, the farmers of Ba Moi have gradually sought hybridisation, successfully breeding variety grapes to produce a very high quality.

Besides the production of fresh grapes from the vineyard, the products of Ba Moi winery have included white wine, red wine and other kinds of grape Syrup, grape honey and grape jelly.

Address: Hiep Hoa, Phuoc Thuan, ninh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam



Tri Hiep winery has the motto “everyone’s health is the first target for development”  Tri Hiep has brought to the market a complete line of natural products, that help promote health and prevent disease for their consumers.

The products of Tri Hiep wine are made in the traditional method entirely based on natural microbial fermentation of grapes and sugar cane.

Address: QL1A, Nihn Phuoc, Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam                     Website:


Ninh Thuan province is called the desert area of Vietnam. Due to the very hot weather Ninh Thuan area is known best for its delicious grapes and green apples. The annual harvests of these two fruits are large, but these are mainly sold as fresh products in traditional markets and have not been processed much.

Viet Nighi enterprise was established to promote the images of these two specialty fruits to the consumers in the whole country.

The products of Viet Nghi includes red wine (Cardinal,Shyraz), grape syrup, grape honey, grape jelly, grape jam, green apples dried soaked with grape juice and so on.
Address: 88 Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province,Vietnam                                                                                                Website:



Thien Thao winery was established on 2000 in Phan Rang city, Ninh Thuan province.  Thien Thao grape wines are made from fresh grapes through natural fermentation.  This winery believes taking a glass of wine a day is very good for your health and the prevention and control of many diseases.
Showroom: Phuoc Khanh, Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam
Factory: Thuan Hoa, Phuoc Thuan, Ninh Phuoc, Nihn Thuan province, Vietnam



Vang Dalat winery uses table grapes from nearby Phan Rang –  Vietnams main grape growing region.  According to Nguyen Van Viet explains that Vietnam has a limited history with wine.  The French introduced an elite wine culture pre – 1954, and during that past decade, because of the improvement in living standards, more people who are fond of travelling overseas and being exposed to foreign wines.  With this in mind, Mr. Viet considered how Vang Dalat could produce a European-style wine similar to traditional Vietnamese wines that any family could afford.

Dalat wine is made from grapes using advanced European technology.  It follows the best fermenting process without using any kinds of chemical substances and follows trade secrets to create a wine with a unique flavour and high stability.

Lam Dong Foodstuffs joint-stock company     Ladofoods            located in Dalat                          Web site:


Viet Nghi winery    Vang Viet Nghi is one of the leading establishments processing products from grapes in Ninh Thuan province.  With the “mission” special flavour to the customers home and abroad, Viet Nghi put all their mind power to create products that bring out the flavour produced from grapes.

Starting operation in 1994 initially produced only Viet Nghi alcohol and wine, the latter gave the product acrid wine grapes, and wine grapes taste sweet, bold tasted delicious. To meet consumer demand increasingly high, Viet Nghi currently producing more  goods ugly black grapes – is a beverage made from red grapes, taste salty, slightly sweet, very pleasant, reduce the effects of heat when weather is hot.  Along with products that are dried grapes are selected from red grapes, dried by modern technology.  Our products have high nutritional value, rich minerals good for cardiovascular, anti-aging, delicious flavour suitable for use in more occasions, parties, etc.