Viet Nghi winery


Viet Nghi winery


Viet Nghi winery    Vang Viet Nghi is one of the leading establishments processing products from grapes in Ninh Thuan province.  With the “mission” special flavour to the customers home and abroad, Viet Nghi put all their mind power to create products that bring out the flavour produced from grapes.

Starting operation in 1994 initially produced only Viet Nghi alcohol and wine, the latter gave the product acrid wine grapes, and wine grapes taste sweet, bold tasted delicious. To meet consumer demand increasingly high, Viet Nghi currently producing more  goods ugly black grapes – is a beverage made from red grapes, taste salty, slightly sweet, very pleasant, reduce the effects of heat when weather is hot.  Along with products that are dried grapes are selected from red grapes, dried by modern technology.  Our products have high nutritional value, rich minerals good for cardiovascular, anti-aging, delicious flavour suitable for use in more occasions, parties, etc.




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